Veterans Assistance Program

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Veterans Assistance Care in St. Louis

Veterans are one of the most improperly cared for people in the United States. They serve our country for many years and return to less than desirable treatment and conditions. Here at Deer Valley Home Health Services, we are dedicated to turning that around and providing the quality care veterans need and deserve.

Healthcare Assistance

The Veterans Administration has a pension program for veterans or surviving spouses known as "Aid & Attendance."  The bassic requirements are:

* Veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran who has served 90 days of more on active duty with one day beginning or ending during a period of war.
*None-service medical related conditions.
*Meet income and asset requirements.

Because many veterans aren't able to seek healthcare by themselves, we've taken it upon ourselves to give them this type of aid. As a result, they live much happier and fulfilling lives, as their pain is managed and conditions are treated.
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