Consumer Directed Services

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Consumer Directed Services (CDS) in St. Louis

Our consumer directed services allow someone suffering from illness to hire their own personal care attendant. It is possible for your loved one to use this service to "hire" a family member. By using this service, you'll be able to gain the ability to look after your loved one while getting paid for it.

Who is Elegible 

If your loved one has an illness of some kind which means they need assistance doing their day-to-day activities, they may be eligible for the consumer directed services program. For example, if they need help collecting medication or preparing meals, they can use our consumer directed services.

Nursing Facility Level of Care

The program will provide your loved one with a level of care comparable to a nursing facility, right there in their own home. This means that consumer directed services are often much less stressful and easier to adjust to than moving to a dedicated facility. 

Department of Mental Health

These Services are designed to empower lives through support and services that foster self-determination and independence.
* "Person Centered Care" approach/Individual Support Plan
*Participation in community activities
*On-site Social Worker


Deer Valley Hospice Care will soon pass survey to provide you with comfort in your transition from life to the other side.
*Medical Director
*Nursing Care (on call available 24 hours a day)
*Specially trained home health aides
*End-of-Life Nursing Curriculum Certified Massage Therapist
*Music Therapist

Choose Your Carer

Through consumer directed services, it is possible that your loved one can choose who will be caring for them. Sometimes, this means it is possible for you or a family member to receive payment and training to care for your loved one. Here at Deer Valley Home Health Services, we can provide you with more information.  Become a part of a program that pays you to take care of your loved ones in the comfort of their home.
*Medicaid eligible
*At least 18 years of age
*Mentally competent 
*Qualifying disability 
*Assistance with activities of daily living
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