Healthy Child and Youth

Deer Valley Home Health services

St. Louis's Healthy Child & Youth Program (HCY)

Oftentimes, parents need help looking after their children, regardless of if it's their first or fifth child. When the time comes that you need an extra helping hand, Deer Valley Home Health Services is here to assist you.

Caring for Special Needs Infants through age 21

Infancy is a crucial time of child rearing, and can also the hardest period as well. When you feel overwhelmed with your parental duties, know that you can turn to us to provide excellent care for your child, no matter how young he or she is. We have professional and knowledgeable care takers on our staff.  If your child has special needs and requires extra attention, that is no problem for Deer Valley Home Health Services. We can care for your child up to age 21 and also address any special attention they may need in order to thrive later on as an adult.

Helping With Your Stress

Every parent needs a moment when they can step away and be someone apart from a parent. Deer Valley Home Health Services provides top notch child care so your children can get some healthy time away from you while still striving in a safe and warm environment.  We have nursing professionals dedicated to the one-one-one medical needs of disabled children.
*Newborn through 20 years of age
*Skilled & non-skilled nursing
*Private duty
*Caring & flexible nursing staff
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